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Miami Moon Dance

By Ben Gurglebop

Oh friends of the social world last night in Miami sure spread the meaning of love and giving. Dancing up a storm in the Miami Quattro Ball Room was none other than Frances Beatty Adler, Carol McFadden, Victoria Amory, Gayle King, Phoebe Eaton, Lisa Melas

English: Gayle King at the Spiderman: Turn Off...

English: Gayle King at the Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark opening at Foxwoods Theatre, New York City in June 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and so many more beauties.

Center of attention was none other but the amazing Tessa Dahl in a classic Mary McFadden outfit. Off to the side of the dance floor was a young French Prince but I must remain quiet and keep his identity confidential. However, if you were the ball and saw the dame on his arm you would know exactly who he is, if you are in the know that is!

The sound of music blared with The Dennis Basso Three playing horns, bass and drums. One of my all-time favorite songs they blasted through the roof was New York, New York. All that under a beautiful Miami Moon.

Keeping in the mood to spread gossip it was said that Paris Hilton was invited but politely declined. To learn more about Paris I suggest you visit TMZ. But let be honest folks, do we really want Paris at our function? The answer is, oh no I will not tell.

On the entertainment front Lance Burton who is an American stage magician dazzled us with his magical mystery tour. Besides the magic Bella Izriaro a Portuguese singer graced all with her Fado style of singing. The sounds could bring most to tears.

That wraps up a midnight moon in Miami.


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