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Socialites Topsy Taylor, Carol McFadden, Devorah Rose

Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Ben Gurglebop

I had the wonderful pleasure of sitting down with numerous socialites and getting the inside scoop to how to become a socialite. I met with designer Dayssi Kanavos, Penn Badgley, the New York Queen of socializing Topsy Taylor and her daughter Lisa Melas . Also on the list of chat were Devorah Rose, Carol McFadden, Mary McFadden  and Alison Hunt.

Do you really want to be a socialite? The socialites that we see in the media already have their wealth and status from the day they were born. More than likely you are starting from scratch. To get the know-how, don’t look at Paris Hilton or Ivanka Trump. Watch Mr. Hilton and Mr. Trump and you are on your way to becoming a socialite. Well, it is hard work, but this is for those social climbers out there who want to put an impressionable foot in the door. This guide will help you get into there, the rest is up to you!

Create a suitable background for yourself. If you already come from a dirty rich family, consider yourself lucky in this regard.

However, don’t put others down because they don’t have your kind of money- that’s pathetic. If you’re like 99% of the world and aren’t super-rich, hope is not lost- you just may need to work a little harder. It will help if you and/or your family are involved in your community, so consider that. And let’s face it, even the Trumps and Hiltons had to start somewhere.

When people ask you about your early life -and they will-, think of some interesting details to tell them. Avoid any embarrassing details and focus on saying positive things, even minor things can make a big difference and earn you respect. Above all, don’t say anything rude about your family- that’s just lowlife. Rich people want their entourage to come from a good familiar background (and good means rich here) for a very simple reason: they want to surround themselves with well-educated people. So, as long as you are mannered and proper, they won’t care that much.

Get the right education. Preparation for becoming a socialite begins in middle school. Of course, it is possible to become a socialite even if you weren’t brilliant in middle and high school and didn’t attend prestigious colleges, but it’s much harder.

If you are still in middle school or high school, make the best you can out of your school years. Get excellent grades (B’s are the lowest grades accepted, C’s are unacceptable), get involved in extracurricular activities, and obtain high scores at exams.

Attend prestigious universities; either one of the Ivy League ones (warning: you must pay up to $50,000 a year, so make sure you save enough money for that), or a renowned European one (Sorbonne in Paris, or Oxford and Cambridge in the UK). However, any private college will do the trick, there are many nice colleges that aren’t Ivy League and still prestigous. And if you go to a public school, choose one that specializes in your field (examples include Purdue’s engineering program and IU’s journalism school, they are very prestigous indeed) Only 29% of American adults have a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, so possessing one from any institution is a great thing. If you can get into graduate school and get a Masters or higher, even better! You’ll get TONS of respect from people.

Choose a career path that can help you meet more people. Law, non-profit, fashion, finance, the arts and business are great because they make lots of connections with socialites and celebrities. Non-profit is one of the best because the organizations require people with many different skills, so you can find your place and meet prominent people at events. You may have to work your way up, but it’s worth the effort and you’re bound to find an organization that supports something you’re passionate about.
Understand if your degree is in something else, you’re not restricted. Natalie Portman is a famous actress now, but guess what she earned a degree in at Harvard? Psychology! Bet you didn’t know that. Truthfully, there are prominent people in almost and you can even create a career path all your own. Do what you want and take advantage of any chances you get to meet experienced people in your area.

Learn a few foreign languages. French is a must; German, Spanish and Italian would also help. But the more languages you know, the better. However, you don’t have to be completely fluent, just enough so you can have a normal conversation with someone. Even just knowing how to do hellos and goodbyes properly are ok.

Get an extremely well-paying job. In theory, it is quite easy: establish a business and make it grow. Again, pick one of the fields above; if you do, you’ll certainly find quite a lot of well-paying, fun jobs. Strive to be the best in your field; try to meet some famous people working in your field and learn their secrets. Start small; you won’t be extremely successful by the beginning of your career. Get a few different jobs in the field, gather experience, then start a brand of your own. This may take a while, but it’s well worth the effort and you’ll earn major respect.

Learn how to promote yourself. Make a website for yourself or your company, make some business cards, convince some related brands to empower you, advertise yourself or your company in some newspapers or magazines and so on. Especially at the beginning of your career, it is very important to meet the right people. Establishing a good social network can get you many good deals. Go to events related to your field, meet some moguls in the given industry, and make them help you.

Find someone very rich to marry. Yes, you can become a socialite by marrying the right person, without having to work for all that fortune yourself. You can then use your spouse’s money to get a good start in business (you thought you could still get away without working? You will be disappointed to find out you can’t, dear). Do you think Tinsley Mortimer was always one of the most prominent socialites in Manhattan? Wrong. She wasn’t that known until she married Robert “Topper” Mortimer, a very rich banker, and became a designer for the handbag line Samantha Thavasa. So don’t worry if you haven’t been an excellent student; there’s hope for you too. However, don’t give up true love just to find someone richer, that’s pathetic and will label you as a golddigger (and nobody likes that, do they? Didn’t think so.)

Do your homework. As a socialite, there are a few things you must (emphasize “must”) know. For example, the most basic thing to start with is knowing the names and faces of the most prominent socialites of the moment. Go to Park Avenue Peerage and get familiar with the names under the “Profiles” section.


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